Facilities Management

We are all about comfort and safety! Our seamless approach will allow your facilities to operate smoothly and efficiently.

In line with our mission of supplying items which are less invasive and less harmful for all, we offer an extensive line of “green” products.  From recycled paper and plastic to chemicals, we offer innovative safer alternatives. We continuously broaden our product line with new to market offerings from a wide range of environmentally friendly manufactures. This is yet another extension of our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of personnel, patrons and communities.

We also supply numerous essential tools and equipment to improve safety at your facility. Because each workplace is different, we offer a wide variety of products to protect both your workers and property as well as keep your patrons comfortable.We have decades of experience sourcing quality products for the following:

• Environmental Monitoring Facilities• Laboratories and Research Centers
• Recreational Facilities • Transportation Hubs
• Educational Institutions Manufacturing Plants
• Healthcare Facilities

Contractors and facility managers who place a high priority on worksite safety and a job well done, rely on us to supply the appropriate, dependable products needed including:

• Building Renovation Products• Process and Material Handling Systems
Furnishings, Shelvings and Containment Units• Heavy Equipment and Tools
HVAC Systems• Safety Devices, PPE and other Protective Gear
• Chemicals and Lubricants Elevator/Escalator Repair & Maintenance Items
• Green Cleaners and Absorbents Housekeeping Supplies
Restroom and Personal Hygiene Items Storage and Waste Disposal Systems
Paper Goods

Our demonstrated willingness to source specialized items has led our customers to rely on us for more than just commodities. Their trust in our ability to problem solve gives them the confidence to also solicit us for large scale capital expenditures.

So let us roll up our sleeves to help you clean up! Contact us today

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