Environmental Sciences

There is a science behind successful sourcing and pina solutions has the formula.

We have been providing private and public organizations, eco-friendly, cost-effective product and technology solutions that effectively clean up pollution and contaminates caused by both natural disasters and man-made incidents. For the past 15 years, we have worked with the Department of Environmental Protection facilities to develop solutions that minimize the long term negative impact on the environment, and we can do the same for your organization.

Our team specializes in developing product solutions in areas including:

Air/Soil/Noise Monitoring• Parks and Recreation
Remediation Soil Testing
Water Supply Wastewater Management

Offerings for the environmental protection industry have been our priority for nearly two decades. Our public and private sectors have trusted our team for their everyday product needs as well as their special requirements for emergency situations and highly specialized equipment to address environmental issues.

Here’s a selection of products that we regularly provide:

Chemicals Infection Control
Materials and Equipment Personal Protection
Regulatory Compliance Products Spill Containment and Clean Up
• Testing Instrumentation and Laboratory Supplies• Machinery and accessories

Let us formulate the solution to your product ordering problems!

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