At pina solutions we strive to give back as much as possible to our community. We have taken a multifaceted approach to contributing to our local community by supporting initiatives that are in line with local operations and our Code of Conduct. Our contributions include employee volunteering, student mentoring, charitable donations, and sponsoring local sports teams and music programs.

We don’t just sell safety and green products, we live our mission. We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint by putting processes and initiatives in place to support a healthy environment.
From choosing shipping options that reduce emissions and waste to limiting our use of electricity, using digital distribution instead of print and recycling all paper for internal communications.

Just as we strive to create customized solutions for our clients, we also do the same for the members of our community who join our team with a human resources strategy adapted to the local conditions. Pina solutions provides flexible work arrangements for local residents as we understand the personal needs of staff with families or college students and accommodate their unique schedules. If you are interested in local opportunities please send your resume to

We take social responsibility very seriously and understand the need to contribute to worthwhile causes. The catastrophic effect of Superstorm Sandy had a profound impact upon our community and deserved special attention. Our efforts to help included volunteer clean up as well as charitable donations to organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation. Repairing the damages is still an ongoing effort and any help that you are able to offer is welcomed. Please follow the link below for more information.

As an investment in the future of our community, we actively support programs that educate, engage and inspire youth to have a well-rounded foundation by exploring activities that encourage creativity, commitment to civic responsibility and a healthy lifestyle. To this end, we mentor high school and college students and make contributions to educational institutions, youth sports and music clubs, and organizations like Boy Scouts of America, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education).  We also provide donations of supplies to local senior citizen programs, wildlife control and recreational facilities.