case studies

Problems solved.

1. Problem/Solution for Life Saving Equipment

Finding Products that Ensure Personnel Safety


Many of our customers put their lives on the line every day to protect the public. At pina solutions, we do our best to help ensure that their safety is as secure as possible while on duty. One of our customers has the responsibility of investigating dark confined spaces that have the potential to hold many threats to their safety. Traditionally, canines were sent in first because of their ability to investigate the small crevices that humans cannot otherwise explore. By using specialty cameras attached to the canines, the danger was minimized to the personnel involved and the safety of the dogs was increased.

2. Problem/Solution for Custom Procurement Needs


Effective Coordination of Multiple Suppliers and Delivery Locations for ‘Custom Procurement Needs’


We have become the vendor of choice for complex purchases which require a well-coordinated effort. One example of such is supplying goods for a program aimed at teaching healthier lifestyles to inner city communities. In order to compile all of required items (tents, furnishings, cookware, and fitness equipment) necessary to get this program running at multiple locations, we work with a myriad of suppliers and shippers. Such procurement is extremely cumbersome and overwhelming for any customer to handle directly. Our detailed approach and close monitoring of purchase transactions ensures that the value pina solutions adds goes beyond cost savings, and is in fact immeasurable.

3. Problem/Solution for Multinational Firms

Problem/Solution for: helping multinational firms maintain compliance across borders
We have worked with multinational companies and helped them maintain the same level of quality control and excellence across the globe. For example, we export US DOT approved substance abuse test kits which are used by oil companies to test their drivers in markets like Central and South America. Our multilingual capabilities and expertise in exporting allows them to uniformly implement risk management policies for employees in safety sensitive positions in the overseas markets they operate in.

Solution: Access to the Most Innovative Technology

During periods of high security it is important that those who safeguard the public have access to innovative technologies to quickly assess potential threats and monitor the safety of the population. One such customer came to us looking for a device that would instantly test aqueous liquids for hydrofluoric acid. The product that best suited their needs was a sensor penlight device only available from a small company in Germany. This product enabled our customer to immediately determine threat materials on site, without waiting for lab results. Pina was able to ensure that the transaction was handled smoothly and swiftly, thanks to both our experience in international transactions and our multilingual staff.

4. Problem/Solution Alternates to Poorly Performing Products

Finding reliable, cost effective products for clients.


We are always going the extra mile to find the best product solution to resolve cost or product performance issues sometimes from overseas and other times here at home.
When an end user required specialty equestrian items from a European manufacturer, the procurement director knew to call pina solutions to obtain these swiftly and smoothly. This was not an easy import, but delivery was seamless for the customer because of our expertise in international business. pina handled all of the details including: documentation, foreign exchange, letters of credit, and duties assessment to ensure the order was filled without any interruptions in service by the customer to the public.
Another customer was tired of replacing life saving equipment and wanted to source such from a seller in Australia. In this case, after evaluating the foreign source and the product, our staff actually identified a local manufacturer of a better made product which the customer purchased.